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Maintenance Services

Property maintenance and upkeep is huge responsibility, and it is imperative to get them right. Once you have invested in a property, the work isn’t finished yet, particularly if you plan to rent out your property. Good property maintenance not just keeps your tenants happy but also safeguards your investment, in the long run, guaranteeing that your property is in good condition if you ever decide to sell it.

You may perhaps manage the maintenance yourself; however, considering the size of the property and the extent of care, it is always a good idea to outsource the task to a professional company. Our in-house maintenance department D Best maintenance provides all your maintenance needs with fast turn over (make ready) times.  They have 37 years of maintenance experience. If for any reason our maintenance department is unable to take on the job due to scheduling or any other reason, we work with many great local vendors and licensed contractors to insure your property is never left unattended.

Why is property maintenance important?

Property maintenance involves taking care of a building or plot of land and making sure that it stays habitable. Without someone to look after them, buildings can develop plumbing issues, tenant damage, leaky roofs, and more.

If a lot is vacant, someone still needs to mow the grass, care for trees, and keep trash out. The idea is to avoid landscaping problems and keep the place ready for someone to live there. It's also helpful to scare away thieves by making the place look active.


It is important to undertake proactive and reactive tasks to ensure the maintenance of your property, such as:

Paint the Walls

External Maintenance

Also known as grounds maintenance, external maintenance is about the upkeep of the property’s exterior. This includes cleaning the property's outer walls, cleaning the roof, gutters, and drains, landscaping, gardening, and graffiti removal.

Pest Control

Property maintenance also involves pest control or rodent removal in addition to the pre-emptive measures, for example, trash removal.

Maintenance of Common Areas

This type of maintenance is for those who hold multi-unit properties and includes the repairs and cleanliness of common areas such as hallways, stairways, patio, laundry rooms and mailrooms.

Trash /Garbage Removal

The removal of abandoned furniture and/or trash on vacant lots or after a tenant moves out. Trash roll of bins in multiple unit complex being accessible on trash day and making sure there is a secure place for the bin to help prevent nonresidents from using the bin.

Internal Maintenance

This type of maintenance ensures that the electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems are functioning correctly in all the property units and common areas and makes repairs immediately as or when the need arises.

Safety Checks

Safety checks include the monitoring and maintenance of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. They also deal with proactive inspections of electrical and mechanical systems and periodic safety inspections of the property and grounds.

Advantages of hiring D Best maintenance:

  • Money upfront is NOT required for preparing or turn over (make ready) of properties, regardless how big the job is.

  • It saves you time and energy as DIY property maintenance can be time-consuming and tiresome.

  • It is cost-effective as you don’t have to hire and pay multiple maintenance technicians for every single and different task.

  • You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is in the hands of a professional.

  • You can be assured about the quality of work.





Haul away


Interior/Exterior Painting

Graffiti Removal


Chain-link & Wood Fence Installation & Repairs

Drywall /Acoustical

Ceramic Tile


Floor Refinishing 

& Painting

Sheet Vinyl & Linoleum

Replacement & Repair

Interior/Exterior Doors

Locks & Keys


Gutter and Roof

Gates & Access Control

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