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Eviction Services

D Best Realty, Inc does excellent work when it comes to finding suitable tenants to fill rental properties.

We conduct stringent interviews and thoroughly review applications to determine if the applicant is financially capable and responsible to lease the property.

However, from time to time, tenants just don't work out. Some lose their jobs and become unable to pay their rent, while others prove to be irresponsible and a disturbance or nuisance at a property.

Depending on the situation, there are different laws, rules and regulations property owners and managers must take into account before evicting a tenant for one of these or other similar reasons.

When Eviction is Possible?

There are three main situations in which property owners and managers can evict their renters. These scenarios include:​

  • Failure to pay rent.

  • Not upholding the terms of their lease.

  • Not upholding their responsibilities under California Civil Code.

  • Staying after their lease ends (after given proper notice).

  • Foreclosure of rental property.

  • Illegal activity.

While there may be other situations where eviction

is feasible (and recommended), these are the

primary conditions which call for removing a tenant from a property

The eviction process can be completed in five to eight weeks, but may take longer depending on the reason and whether it’s contested. All evictions follow the same step-by-step process:

  1. The landlord gives the tenant notice to “cure” the issue or vacate.

  2. If the issue isn’t resolved on time, the landlord files a complaint with the county court.

  3. The court serves the tenant with a Summons & Complaint.

  4. The tenant can contest. If they don’t, the landlord files a motion to obtain a Judgment.

  5. If the court grants it, they’ll post a Writ of Execution at the property.

  6. Finally, the sheriff returns possession of the property to the landlord.

Due to governor Gavin Newson's Covid-19 eviction moratorium which banned evictions for tenants affected by Covid-19 until October 2021, eviction processing times have changed. 

We offer full range of eviction services, including:

  • Pre-Eviction Advice

  • Service of Notices

The following services are provided by our Attorneys:​

  • Filing Service

  • In Court Representation

  • Preparation/Filing of Writs and Sheriff Lock Out Orders

Our experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team has been assisting owners in eviction process for more than 32 years. We are problem solvers. Sometimes an eviction is the right remedy, however, it may not always be the case. We will analyze your situation and determine if an eviction is your best course of action or will

recommend a different plan. If an eviction is the best cause of action, we will refer you to our attorneys.

Cost for the services vary, please contact us at (661) 834-1111 for a quote. Please be advised that additional services such as: haul away of trash/debris, broom clean, securing the property and re-keying can be provided by D Best Maintenance Services for an additional cost.


Rent and Utility Assistance is available for current and past-due bills

Assistance from the Housing Authority is available until September 30, 2025, or sooner if funds run out. If tenants are eligible, they may receive up to 12 months of assistance, plus an additional 3 months to help ensure they are able to remain in the house or apartment.

The program prioritizes paying late rent or utility bills that could result in an eviction, and grants must be used to reduce any past-due balances before you can receive assistance for future rent payments.

Tenants don't have to be behind on rent or utility payments to apply. If tenants who rent a home or apartment and have income that has been affected by COVID-19, they may qualify for assistance.

Click on the link below to be taken the kern county housing authority rental assistance program website to apply.

Emergency Rent & Utility Assistance Program (

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